Why do average looking women set their standards of a man so high?

I have dated many different womwn from many different ethnicities and religions. I have been with some truely beautiful and sincere women. The relationship was strong and lasted but always fell apart because of career intrests (seperate ways). This girl Im seeing now is pretty but she is satisfied with herself as average looking. She has acne because she admits that she doesn't feel like washing her face everyday. She is slightly overweight because she chooses to eat fatening foods because she says she would rather be fat and happy. She is very smart but chooses not to go to college for no reason. Her and I have been dating for the past three months and I rock her world in bed. I love her queen like personality and her smarts. I think she is pretty naturally but she seems to disagree. She told me yesterday that if the sex with me wasn't as good as it is that there is no WAY that she would stay with a guy like me...What does that comment mean?? She still tells me she loves me and texts me just to say hi. What gives?
Asked Feb 22, 2012
Sounds to me like she's saying the bond between the two of you is totally dependent on sex. She could also be using a little reverse psychology to try to take the relationship to a higher level.
Answered Feb 22, 2012
The title of your question seems to imply that only "attractive" women deserve quality partners... I would totally disagree with that.

That aside, her comment that "if the sex with me wasn't as good as it is that there is no WAY that she would stay with a guy like me" is concerning. It sounds like you two should discuss that. If you don't feel respected and valued at the end of that conversation or if you aren't cool with a primarily physical relationship, then walk.
Answered Feb 22, 2012
Edited Feb 22, 2012
You can also view this comment from a different angle and be really pround of your achievements... but seriously I believe she said that to have this discussion with you on where this is going and looks like she just picked up an awkward way of starting it
Answered Feb 22, 2012

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