How to stop swearing and such?

I have just heard a recording of myself and I did not realise how much I sound like a scumbag, swearing as much as I do. It does not sound right, I am a respectable teenager girl and I should not be saying such things. I was brought up in a family where swearing is accepted as proper vocabulary, I don't believe this but I didn't know that I swore that much! How can I stop it, I would also like to know how to stop using such phrases like "Oh my God", because I am religious I don't like this, I just seem to say it all of the time, please help me stop :)
Thank you in advance and God bless you all.
Asked Feb 15, 2012
Something my great-grandfather repeatedly said to me that I now find myself saying to my children is: "Only speak if someone else will benefit from your words."

Some interesting things that I've noticed by *trying* to do that are:
1) People usually pay attention to what I say because they assume I'm about to say something important.
2) I probably don't say as much stupid stuff as I would otherwise.
3) It helps me keep my mouth shut, and that helps me stay out of messes.
4) I hurt others less.
Answered Feb 15, 2012
That is really great advice SkyDancer :) Thanks
Giggles Feb 16, 2012
Any time you speak without thinking about what you're going to say, you have a good chance of wishing you had used other words later on. You just have to make up your mind on who's in charge, your brain or your mouth. :-)
Answered Feb 15, 2012
Thanks Rob :)
Giggles Feb 15, 2012
"All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and creatures of the sea are being tamed and have been tamed by man, but no man can tame the tounge. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison." James 3, 7-8. what helped me with this is somthing skyDancer said. Make other words in place of swear words. make yourself aware. God be with you.

Answered Feb 15, 2012
Thanks for your answer, you and Rob I really appreciate them :)
Giggles Feb 15, 2012
hey, no prob. YW :)
Hey, bobb1358. Glad it helped!
it works great! thnx again:)
Try to be around people who do not.
When you do not hear those words all the time, you should not use them.

If you do make a mitsake, note you did and learn next time to no do it.
Answered Feb 15, 2012
Thank you very much for your answer :)
Giggles Feb 16, 2012
What I do is make up substitutes when speaking. I say, 'What the bowser?' and 'Son of a Swan!' but even this would be considered swearing anyhow. What I do when reading swear words is think 'meep!' instead. F word=meep! Hope this helps! Also, I would train myself not to swear. Avoid the temptations, Giggles! AVOID THE TEMPTATIONS!
Answered Nov 25, 2012
Oh yeah and swearing is sometimes caused by peer pressure...when you say 'oh my gosh' instead of the opposite, award yourself and think how proud God will be to see how much you are trying.
haha20 Nov 25, 2012
My friend & I have replacement words for swear I have already said. I don't know why I said that :/
haha20 May 27, 2013
Number one is prayer. Reading the bible helps. There is a scripture in the bible at Ephesians 4 vs 29 which says "let a rotten word not come out of your mouth..... That same chapter in vs 31 says "put away from yourselves every kind of malicious bitterness, anger, wrath, screaming, and abusive speech... Imagine this: you are standing next to someone who opens their mouth to swear and rotten food start coming out their mouth, wouldn't you hurry and get away from them? Well remember the bible says let a rotten word not come out your mouth. Also such talk is displeasing to God. Colossians 4 vs 6 says our words should be gracious, always seasoned with salt. To get more help on how you can stop swearing and such, please visit where you may request a free home bible study on a day and a time convenient for you.
Answered Jul 09, 2017
I know many people struggle with swearing, and it can be a hard habit to break.
I found an article that l hope you find helpful. It is found on It is a Bible based website, which I know you will appreciate.

First: See the need to change. You likely won’t stop swearing until you understand how you will benefit from altering your speech. Which factors below would motivate you to stop swearing?

□ Pleasing the Creator of speech

□ Gaining greater respect from others

□ Expanding my vocabulary

□ Bettering myself as a person

Second: Figure out what’s behind the swearing. Melanie says: “Swearing made me feel tougher in a way. I didn’t want people pushing me around. I wanted to have the upper hand, to tell people off the way all my friends did.”

What about you? Understanding why you swear is a key to determining how you will address the problem. For example, if you swear just because everyone else does it, you need to learn to build confidence in your own strengths. Taking proper pride in being your own person is a vital part of growing up—and a big help in eliminating the habit of swearing.

Third: Find alternate ways of expressing yourself. It’s not just a matter of biting your tongue. Conquering the bad-language habit involves putting on “the new personality.” (Ephesians 4:22-24) This will help you to gain greater self-control and self-respect—as well as respect for others.

There are !any articles on like this one with various subjects. If you have the time look at it. I know you will enjoy.
Answered Jul 14, 2017

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