The main goal of all businesses is to make profit.

The main goal of all businesses overall is to make profit(s). Can someone explain in enough detail how the not-for-profit organizations set their goal? Thanks to all.
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Asked Feb 15, 2012
"Not-for-profit" is sometimes a misleading term. It means there are no owners taking money out but most of the larger ones have employees and officers that work on salaries and some of the salaries are very high. The American Institute of Philanthropy at the web page below lists 25 executives of not-for-profit organizations that are paid in excess of half million dollars per year. Some over two million. When you look at those salaries, there is profit in working for most of the not-for-profit organizations.

There are many other volunteer organizations that are truly not-for-profit such as local homeless shelters and organizations that feed the poor.

Their goals depend on the objectives of the organization. The SPCA, Little League, The Red Cross, and a church would set their goals in very different ways.

The American Institute of Philanthropy:
Answered Feb 15, 2012
A.) I do not look at it as making profit when looking at profit.
I believe in looking at charging less to please customs and making them happy the most.
Because you will make profit in volume and it shall come.
However look how to please the public is mine.

B.) As far as non-profit I think it could be sometimes a trick to make money.
Sometimes it's to help based on someone who started it doesn't need money.
Also sometimes it's just reaching out to people to aid them for a moral reason.
Answered Feb 15, 2012

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