Im a girl, she likes me but has a boyfriend, HELPP!

SORRY BUT ITS THE SHORTEST I COULD MAKE IT, HELPP!!! I met this girl about a year or so ago. I caught her stearing at me from a distance she later got the confidence to come and ask me for my number and BB pin. We started talking on BB we both admitted we liked each other, however, she wouldnt go out with me because I hadnt come out at the time and she thought I was a player. She deleted me of BB.

I ran back into her 5 months ago, we started talking again over BB and over the phone. After running into her that one time it became a pattern.At first she didnt tell me she had a boyfriend. after a while her boyfriends name appeared in her BB status, made it very clear. However, she tells how much she likes me, how hot she thinks I am, we talk from the moment we get up untill we sleep, just flirting and messing around. but im always the one to start the conversation, unless the convo is continuous. When we spend time she is always touching my back and complimenting how far I have come for my age (shes younger). Recently, she keeps on telling me she wants to play fight or wants to punch and pinch me. She also keeps telling me how good I make her feel and how much I make her laugh. (I like her so much I cant give her eye contact for more the 5 secs.)

She claims she is so much in love with her boyfriend but when I try and move on she pulls me back,when I told her I really wanted to kiss her, after leaving her,she asked me, what the reason why I didnt, I thought it was clear that me and her both where in relationships(her) or just coming out of a relationship(me)

I recently started dating again, before I did I asked her if she is okay with this she said she didnt care. When I went on my first that she started acting weird hmm-ing me and telling me not to ping her when im bored I should go to the guy I went on the date with instead. I once again asked her if she cared that I was dating and she insisted that she didnt. After this argument she calls me up 48 hours later and puts her boyfriend on the phone to ask me the most basic /STUPID question.

We are talking again now. But I just have KNOW IDEA WHERE I STAND

HELP ME! I dont know what she I playing at???? or if I should stick around.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 14, 2012
Edited Feb 14, 2012
Since she doesn't seem to be taking to you at the moment, keep your distance. Wait and see what happens. Maybe time will heal this and you will get back together. But if that is the case, then, judging by the position she put you in, she has to make the first move. If nothing happens then there is nothing you can do abou it.
Answered Feb 14, 2012
thank you, we are talking again, I made the first move *coverss face*
jj123 Feb 14, 2012

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