Is there a list of christian retail stores so that I can avoid them?

As an atheist. I do not want to shop at christian retail stores like hobby lobby. Is there a list of christian stores to avoid?
Asked Jan 27, 2012
hobby lobbys christian? didnt know that. ill go there more.
No offence but that seems quite drastic to me...
Answered Jan 28, 2012
i agree.
With the exception of stores that sell books and materials associated with a religion (which you would have no reason to be there), businesses don't normally identify themselves by their religious beliefs. The purpose of a business is to make money, not promote a religion. What would be your chance of success be if you opened a store for atheists only?

The world should respect your right to believe anything you want to believe. If you want that respect for yourself, you have to be willing to give it to everybody else.
Answered Jan 28, 2012
Christianity is the largest practiced religion in the US. So, I would guess that most businesses are owned by Christians... And I would also guess every publicly traded company has at least 1 Christian stock holder... Or Buddhist... Or Jewish... Or Muslim... Or... So... I'm not sure how you can participate in commercial life in the US (or Europe, etc.) without putting money into the pocket of a person of faith. So, maybe look for a list of stores owned by atheists that only stock goods made by atheists containing only materials produced by atheists... Good luck with that!
Answered Jan 28, 2012
Edited Jan 28, 2012
well, like skydancer said, most stores will be owned by christians or have christian workers. I dont see how u go without chickfia! lol.
Answered Jan 29, 2012
Yes, but there's a huge difference between having Christian workers, and identifying the business as a "Christian" business. I'm an atheist, and I choose not to shop at any business that espouses religious beliefs. As noted above, business is not the place to sell religion. Unless religion is your business... in which case it's tax free. Hell of a racket they have going.
Answered Sep 12, 2012
all most all stores in most of america are run by christians just luke skydancer said and this seems totally drastic and christian book stores will have gospel or christian in the name and its just a store get over it
Answered Dec 10, 2012

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