Do you think the Government is really Following the Consitution?

When I say Government, I mean the whole picture.

If you think they do not, how do we establish the Consitution again?
If people are too blind, do not care, or scared to take a stand?

Remember the "Proud" Colonist who stood up to England (A Big Power)
What happend to Thomis Paine "Common Sense"

What do you think? Your beliefs?
Asked Jan 19, 2012
in one word.... no one sentence ......No they are not and will not, and we can't fix it either.....
Answered May 26, 2012
I like you, and your right we can not fix it. Because people will not try too.
In short, no I don't think the US government is really following the constitution. I think the gov falls short on separation of church and state, equal rights, etc.
Answered Jan 19, 2012
The downfall came with the idea that the Constitution is a "living document" that should be constantly changing by it's interpretation. That method of change isn't included in the document and is itself inherently unconstitutional. It offers two very specific methods for changing it and neither gives that power to the court system.

But how could you make needed changes in the current political environment? The highly charged polarization between the Democrats and Republican parties makes changing the menu in the congressional cafeteria almost impossible. We elect people to go to Washington to represent an area of the country, not a political party. The system was designed so that the most liberal and the most conservative representatives should be able to join together in legislation that would benefit both their areas. That doesn't happen in the midst of the ongoing partisan war in Washington.

My idea for the solution is a nation of independent voters. Select your candidate by the person most capable of doing the job regardless of party. Donate directly to the candidate if you want but don't donate a dime to either party. Throw their trash-the-opponent literature in the garbage and make partisanship a negative in the voting booth.

If we can get back to a solutions based political system rather than the current power and access struggle, then we might be able to call another constitutional convention and make the Constitution mean what it says. Until we can elect people who represent the country instead of parties, this quagmire will only deepen.
Answered Jan 20, 2012
Once Ghandi was asked what he thought about democracy and western civilization. He said that it would be a good idea. I think we're still there. The Constitution is a fantastic idea. I just don't think our government lives up to it. As a religious minority, I think the separation of church and state is a joke. I think our politicians focus so much on preserving their party, that they think very little of us. I think there is so much money in politics, that politicians have no idea what we face in this recession and I dont think they have much of an incentive to care.
Answered Jan 21, 2012

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