What do lizard skinks eat?

hello im 14 and bout 6 days ago my bird flew away =((( and I go for a walk everyday (to town to the beach to the park witch has a waterfall and all there) to look for her I now beleave she is dead =,( but I was walking and fould a baby skink bout half the sice of ur lil finger and I want to keep it what do they eat and drink?
Asked Jan 17, 2012
Edited Jan 17, 2012
Are you sure that it is a skink? I have never heard of such a small skink like that. Skinks have no legs and look more like snakes than lizards but scientifically they are lizards. They are usually much longer (anywhere from about 3-6 inches). If it is a skink than I would assume that it eats small insects. Try looking it up online but make sure that you do have a skink and not something else.
Answered Jan 18, 2012
look up skink lizards on google images cause (im not sure what there called) my friend has one of those lizards and there nowhere close to what a skink looks like
ayyyy Jan 18, 2012
http://www.wildherps.com/species/E.skiltonianus.html copy and paste that link and thats what a skink is ^^^
ayyyy Jan 18, 2012
Yeah, that is a skink (sorry I forgot that skinks do have legs)

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