Any Jesus believers out there who can help me out?

First off, I am a Jesus freak. I base the way I live my life off of the bible. OK? So if you don't have anything nice or supportive to say, don't say it. Thank you.

There is a girl in my class, very pretty, and we talk and have fun all the time. She had a hard life growing up. She was a foster child, she moved from house to house until her Grandma took her in. She grew up with boyfriends who were real jerks to her. Anyway, my problem here is that I think she see's me as the kind-loving-gentle giant that she, deep down, always wanted to be close with. The one person who wouldn't verbally, physically or mentally hurt her. One afternoon she was outside smoking alone, just standing there. I head over to where she was standing and started talking. Then out of no where she asked " So you like me huh?". Not sure what to say I played it safe and said " Yeah, you are fun to be around." Not giving her a real answer and just that part helped myself out of a awkward situation. Ok I am going to stop beating around the bush.. I like her, she is fun to be around and makes me and everybody laugh. But what makes me not be anything more then a friend is knowing the fact that she drinks a lot, she smokes weed, and she doesn't care. And for me, being a believer in Jesus, that can't be part of a relationship. I know it isn't healthy for me to be doing all this worrying. But I want to help her, I want her to see what life can be like without drinking and the weed. I want to show her what life is like knowing Jesus, and how no matter what everything will turn out OK. To have her see with her own eyes, that not every guy is a jerk and that the world isn't out to get her, that is what I want most.

Any helpful comments or encouragement ( to some degree ) would be great! I want to help her out as soon as possible. God bless you all for reading this.
Asked Jan 13, 2012
well, she has to WANT to stop if shes even gonna try. to help her, try and get her to understand that no matter how good it feels, its not at all good. God bless you
When two people become close friends, a little bit of each other rubs off on the other. Be aware of which of her traits you are adopting. There is surely nothing wrong with being friends with her and setting a good example with, or without the religious ideas. You should not, however, lead her to believe there are any romantic feelings going on between you if that is not the truth. Otherwise, you will regret that in the future.
Answered Jan 13, 2012
You have to ease her into these things or ask her as a friend to sign up for an Alcoholics Anonymous course for and then after that just move from there. Then once you have helped her see the light that God has given us all (no not death) then she should willingly accept you into her arms. I'm so glad that you are trying to help this woman with her life. There is truly only one way to go about doing this though you have to help explain to her that what she is doing is wrong. But not in a rude way or harsh way just kind of softly explain to her that you like her (this is after she has quit smoking weed and drinking so much) and that there truly is more to life than drinking alcohol and getting and that there is always someone who will love her no matter what and that that is the beauty of god.

P.S. I am Catholic
Answered Jan 27, 2012
You seem like a fantastic guy, given you've based a rock-solid foundation on God, which is awesome. That's honestly a hard one and I have no doubts that you don't pray for wisdom on the stated predicament. As far as she's concerned, maybe you could try to occupy her time as friends that way she doesn't have to turn her spare time into a time to drink alcohol and smoke weed. That could be a first step. Maybe later down the road in your friendship you can start talking to her about how she started drinking and smoking and why (My guess would be the adoption and everything), then you could introduce her to a life without all of that.
Stay strong, God wants only what's best for you.
He'll help. :)
Answered Feb 06, 2012
You stated what you want for her, but what does she want. Does she just want casual romantic flirting with everyone, but then you are trying to save her from that and her habits?

You should probably direct her to a professional that knows how to handle these types of situations. All you can really do now is be a friend for her and not expect too much until she wants to change for someone she truly loves.

It is amazing how the enemy will seduce the godly.

Good luck with whichever way you go.

Answered Feb 07, 2012

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