Is it illegal to be 18 and date a 15 year old?

Is it illegal to be 18 and be with a 15 year old girl and her mom says it's fine but her mom says social services said that I can't see her daughter and she's scared that she will get in trouble and I would too. Is it okay if social services call the cops on me even thought I'm not having sexual relations with her daughter.
Asked Jan 09, 2012
If there are no sexual relations (and there shouldn't be!!!) then there is nothing illegal going on other than friendship.
But most of society will still probably brand you as a sexual deviant.
Answered Jan 09, 2012
Hell To The Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Jan 19, 2012
what do you mean ''hell yeah''
You need to understand the laws in your state. In some places "dating" even without sex is a crime called "soliciting a minor."
Answered Jan 09, 2012
Big Rich is right. Just be careful. Do not make anyone mad.
I have 2 friends who were like 18+ and dated 15yr old and believe it or not, they are married now. Doing well. So hey what ever floats your boat.
Answered Jan 09, 2012
What did their parents have to say about it at first?
- because I know people of these ages who want to date (with no sex until she is at least of age) but her parents still dont agree with it
You're 18. You are legally a man. She is 15. She is legally a little girl. I think you should find someone your own age.
Answered Jan 21, 2012
what if its the opposite. What it the girl is 18 and the guy is 15.
I am 15 and I am dating an 18 years old girl. She is the second hottest girl in school. I dont think its a problem for that to happen. ''NO SEX''. that sucks.
Answered Jan 26, 2013
Parental consent is needed for that age pairing here I believe but I seen where you said her mom knows and says its fine but the following info sounds like she's claiming she's fine with it but trying to make excuses it can't work. Without sex being a factor I don't see why her consent would even need to be gotten but then again I'm on the lesser side of 18 myself so of course needing anyone else's permission to date or have sex with whoever I want isn't going to sit right with me. I personally have avoided the parental probing into social life in the way it concerns boys and activities with them but damn if my cousin don't have to deal with it to an extent she no longer can stay over night at my house with my sister and myself both being older which I guess means sex is a rotation situation at my house where 1-2yrs difference in age is all that stands between masterbation or being forced into rotation for bent over station where all the boys stop to unwind and all the girls get their first trespass so a
Answered Dec 06, 2021

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