What are the pros and cons.

What are the pros and cons of having a social/emotional domain with a systematic and long term curriculum? What strategies would you use to teach this domain? How would you design the curriculum?
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Asked Jan 06, 2012
I am shocked no one understand this question.
I believe you should use both methods as I am not good with terms but I will explain what my teaching plan would be. Do not know where it would fit in. You need to research these terms and read and really think about it.
I am not sure how much this would help or if any.

My plan would be:
I. To teach it (learn by watching it)
II. Let students do it themselves (learn by doing it)
III. Have open class discussion (reforceing/let them talk about)
IV. Try to get students to work together (teach them people skills)
V. Test

This fits each student different.
All these combined is trying to get a student to encode what they are being taught, geting them to speak out in open discussion(applying their view points, and also reforcing their memory. Learning how to talk among people), likewise working together(teaching them to cope with partner conflict, reasoning skilles. Also if they do not understand, maybe they might understand another student. The only problem I would see here is horse play), and test.

Right now these are my thoughts, I believe I learned this about 4 years ago, but I do not recall it. I just have my ways, which I do favor socal interactions because in life we work with people. They have to learn how to without any conflict.
A child who does not work with other children will not have the proper people skills for life. They will always get in conflict.

A child also needs to spend time understanding themselves without people around. However most of this varis among students. The question is ***WHAT Works For THEM.**** Not what people think.
I have sub. 2 yrs and vounteer taught at a adult ed. (GED'S, or upgrating) I teach math. I have learned to go out of my way and find what works for each person. I have 3 different plans for Basic Algebra. I have learned from a teacher how to teach her way, than from people stuggling I have learned more methods.

Answered Jan 10, 2012

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