Barriers to Objective Thinking.

Can someone explain what the barriers to objective thinking may influence your own self-definition and how others may define you. Please help, thank you ;-)
Asked Jan 02, 2012
Great question. I need to study and review it for myself before I can add my thoughts.
Only looking at facts that support what you already believe rather than forming opinions based on all of the facts is a great barrier to objective thinking. It produces the feeling that you are right in what you believe and often defines you as biased to others. In politics, religion and other agenda driven beliefs, it is often a block that prevents groups from finding common ground.

Imagine the difference it would make if the US Congress based all of their decisions on the path that offered the best solution without the barrier of per-formed partisan opinions.
Answered Jan 02, 2012
I agree with Rob.
Thanks so much rob, your so awesome ;)
Understand both terms: "Objective" and "Subjective" thinking. It will help understand the barriers.

Subjective: Is belief, emotions, and opinions. (In the mind, heart,etc.)
We can see really simple terms: Ideas can affect the truth right?
Do not arrest him even though he REALLY DID killed someone. That's my brother. He is a good man. (we see this one being used a lot.)

Objective: Is seen, real, knowledge, and facts. (Events, etc.)
I know, He is my bother and he did it. Yes, he should go to prison.
Rob is right above with the list of the examples he has given you.
This one is a tough one to explain. It will requires some researching and thinking to see it better.

Both can even trigger "jealously."
Answered Jan 03, 2012
Edited Jan 03, 2012
in the case of "tunnel vision" by blocking out real facts and making up "theorys" to make a way of life such as evolution or materialism. like for charlse dawrin made up many "facts" wich he based on what he thought without many expiriments or facts behind these theorys. and as time progressed many other evolutionist rejected what darwin taught but still believed in evolution by making up thier own "facts". if you wich to do a paper or project on barriers wich lead to tunnel vision just look at evolution compared to christianity by reading both a science book from a athiest point of view and a science book from a christians point of view and you will see of what I speak. by the way TOTALLY COOL NAME I LOVE NARUTO HIGH FIVE
Answered Feb 05, 2013
Edited Feb 05, 2013

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