My wife is not pregnant why.?

My wife preoid start on 7 December 2011 and we start have sex on 20 the same month till 1 january 2012, this morning she start seein blood again but her preoid supose to be on 7 of january not today, is she pregnant, b'cause I want her to be pregnant, and we just wedded on november
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Asked Jan 02, 2012
Pregnancy is a natural process that happens when your sperm contacts her egg and fertilizes it. The sperm needs her liquids to swim and make the journey. Your wife will provide more of those liquids if it is done in a relaxed and loving way rather than in a panic to get her pregnant. You need to calm down, get her as relaxed and sexually excited as you can during the act. Like everything else in life, success will come from what you do, not from what you want.

Answered Jan 02, 2012
Thanks to you Rob and God bless you
Sent Jan 02, 2012
It's normal that it takes couples a couple of months to trying. Make sure you understand when her fertile time occurs so you know when her body can get pregnant.

This page has information to help you understand when she's ovulating:

The "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" book may be easier to understand than the website. I got the book from the library, and downloaded their temperature tracking charts and got a cheap, drugstore thermometer so I could know when I was ovulating. It seems confusing at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. After some practice, it was super easy and not that inconvenient.

You could also get ovulation test strips to know when she's ovulating:

Good luck.
Answered Jan 02, 2012
Dear! Thank for bein there
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