What ways can I get on facebook on a school laptop?

Asked Dec 31, 2011
It depends on how your school has their network set up. If all of the machines have to go through a proxy server that only allows certain sites and rejects all others, you can't.
Answered Dec 31, 2011
If the school computer blocks you, simply add an 's' to the beginning like so, "https://www.facebook.com/
Answered Dec 31, 2011
Maybe that works at your school but read the first sentence above. "It depends on how your school has their network set up." If they have a proxy server that scans a list of acceptable sites and rejects all others and Facebook isn't on the proxy list, You don't make it to the DNS Server. How will a secure login help that?
Rob Dec 31, 2011
I agree with you Rob , the NSW Government has given me my laptop , some students at my school have somehow accessed this website and unlocked it by simply putting a password in , I dont know how they did it but , I want to know what website it is , would you know ?
Most likely someone has snagged the password for the school's proxy server. If the students have the password to access it they can surely access Facebook or anything else they want by bypassing the system.
Rob Mar 24, 2012
get the internet explor and then go to google.after that type "facebook" and
enejey your facebook.........................
Answered Sep 03, 2012
Not on a school network idiot
Answered Sep 07, 2012
You can get a TAFE acount from someone, Iv'e noticed that not all schools sem to be able to suport TAFE internet acounts but its worth a shot.
Answered Aug 13, 2013
I dont understand what you guys are saying on this thing,what do I need to delete on my school laptop to get facebook and you tube???
Answered Oct 27, 2013

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