I don't know what to do anymore plse help me?

so i'm a girl and I felt very hard for a muslim girl and I actually really love her.The problem is that 1) idk if she's bi but I think she is( ik its haram) 2) if she's into me and 3: she's probably going to another school in january so i'll almost never see her again and i've been hurt a lot in my life and i've never had luck in love.Everyone I love (also friends) goes away,leaves me,dies or I have to leave them. And I recently (last summer) recovered from a huge heartbreak and depression where I was in for the past 2 years.And I really don't want to feel that again,i don't want to become depressed again and thinking about cutting my wrists everyday. I just love her so much and I don't know what to do anymore when she leaves my school :( and I can't tell anyone who I know (like friends or family) I just don't have the courage either, I really hate my life at this moment and I wish I could feel happy and not keep falling in love with the wrong girl(s)/boy(s) so what should I do ? tell her ? plse help me i'm lost ..thnx
oh and nobody knows i'm bi,i look very feminime.
Asked Dec 25, 2011
When you tell yourself you "love" someone when you know little about their sexuality, who they're attracted to and how long they will be around, those are very unrealistic expectations that most often don't work out.

Love is a bonding that requires two people who feel the same way. It is never wise to make big emotional investments in someone until you know the feeling is mutual. Do your best to learn what real love is. Rather than spending your life trying to climb out of holes, it works a lot better if you learn how to avoid getting into them in the first place.
Answered Dec 25, 2011
I agree...
salam ana mohamed
Answered Dec 25, 2011

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