Do car rental companies repair/replace flat tires

i rented a car I march 2009 while on vacation. I had a flat tire and did not take their roadside insurance. I had to replace the tire on my own. I would like to know if this is standard policy. I am looking at rental cars for another vacation.
Asked Dec 20, 2011
Why would they offer "roadside insurance" if the service is available free? Competing companies seldom have "standard policies." Next time, shop around and ask. If you have to change the tire, what happens if the engine or transmission goes bad?
Answered Dec 20, 2011
If you have a car club membership like Better World or AAA or something through your car insurance, check with them to see if they cover rentals with your policy. The credit card I use most often for travel covers roadside on rentals automatically if I pay for the rental with that card. Check to see if any of your cards offer that service as well.

Definitely shop the rental companies to see who offers what... and see who you can talk into a free upgrade for a nicer car or added perks like roadside.
Answered Dec 21, 2011
Edited Dec 21, 2011
They would not offer any kind of this services to you because its your resposibililty when car is in your hand. If you are its regular customer or join their membership then may be they can do it.
Answered Oct 21, 2013
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Answered Jan 23, 2014
Hi Dear,
Before you book any car, you also check all the details about company and how they give service there customer? I agree with you @PAULJ54 many company are doing this type of work service not all, so don't think negative about car rental companies.
Answered Jan 28, 2014
Well car rental companies charge you for that whiling car come for servicing and maintenance. Mostly people opt for rental car is because of their bad credit car finance issues.
Answered Nov 27, 2014
It's very important you don't stop in traffic on the road, as it could be a significant time before your car rentals is back up. Once you have control of your car will safely reached the shoulder of the road. We replace the flat tire on my own.
Answered Feb 13, 2015
I think repair. The flat Tyre is more secured of accident. The flat Tyre stops when you apply break within limit, this is the merit of flat Tyre.
Answered Nov 24, 2015
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Answered Sep 04, 2018
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Answered Jan 21, 2019
Yes, car rental companies will do this.
Answered Jan 02, 2020
The question is how did you obtain the flat tire? Generally, tread damage will be covered by the rental company, but if the flat is a result from damage to the wall of the tire, it can be concluded that your driving was a key component to the tire’s failure. Having the vehicle off-road can also be a reason why they wouldn’t cover the flat tire.

That said, if the rental company is making you pay for it, they likely believe it was damaged as a direct result of your driving.
Answered Jan 26, 2020

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