How do I get a diagram for fuse placement in a 1992 olds cutlass supeme?

I can't see the lables on my fuse cover and I'm having electrical problems so I need to know what fuse is for what?
Asked Dec 12, 2011
Disconnect the battery on the car. With a multimeter for measuring voltage, amperage and resistance, set it for resistance (ohms) on the times 1 scale. Touch the red and black leads and turn the knob until the meter reads zero (a dead short). Measure across the fuses like red on one end and black on the other. The good fuses will read just like when the leads are shorted and bad ones will not deflect the meter at all. If any of them read in the middle of the scale, remove it and test it again outside the box.

More info on ohmmeters:
Answered Dec 12, 2011
Edited Dec 12, 2011

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