How to convince my parents to let me wear a bikini?

I am almost 13 and my parents will not let me wear a bikini. They are from india so they are conservative but they let me wear halter tops. They let me wear tankinis but I feel out of place in them. I want to wear a bikini because I want to not be so self conscious and I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I dont want a string bikini. I would prefer some that give more coverage. I wore bikinis when I was like 7 and younger.
I like the amount of coverage in this bikini top-

Asked Dec 05, 2011
What happened? Did they ever let u? Im struggling with the same problem. And we have a school field trip to a water park coming up soon also im Indian and also 13. Plz help.
well one thing is for sure about trying to get parents to let you do something-you can't whine and nag them about it. they'll just get tired of it. you have to try to earn responsibility from them and maybe you could help them around the house to get on their good side. best of luck:)
Answered Dec 05, 2011
Great answer
Rob Dec 05, 2011
i agree
I'm in the same situation as you. Try pointing out calmly to them that your friends wear a bikini. (especialy of the same religion) Make sure that you don't appear to want it because you want to attract attention from guys. (ex. don't ask for skimpy bikinis, don't always be wearing low cut shirts and short shorts, pretend that you don't like guys) It also helps if you pick out a bikini with colors and print that your parents like, that way, there's a higher chance of them liking it. I hope this works! good luck
Answered Jul 18, 2012
I'm in the same situation but I'm only 10 but that doesn't change the fact that I want to wear one all of my friends do and I feel weird and awkward because I'm always the only one not wearing one so if your nervous about asking send your mom a text that's sounds mature and tell her its not to show off or get guys to look at you it's simply because you prefer the style they're easier to move around in and you don't get as sweaty and if it helps tell her you'll always wear board shorts with them and sound mature about it and try and show that your old enough to make your own decisions I hope this helped!!,good luck
Answered Jun 28, 2013
I am 14 and am in the same situation... my parents just don't think its necessary... idk what to do...
Answered Jul 02, 2013
Edited Jul 02, 2013
woah woah woah back up a little YOUR 13 and yr NOT aloud to wear bikinis WOW WOW WOW THATS JUST SICK WOW IM 9 AND WEAR BIKINIS I WAS 3 WHEN I STARTED WEARING BIKINIS WOW ps I fl sry 4 u
Answered Oct 28, 2013
NO sweat just calmly tell them how you feel and try to earn money yourself to get one with your parents consent obviously. This is the first year I'm getting one. Ignore what Yokyky said. I used to wear bikinis but I stopped and now I am going to so Just <3 yourself and your body and rock that swimsuit. pull your shoulders back and think to yourself I am beautiful too. It'll help boost your self confidence!
Answered Mar 18, 2014
WTF guys ? That's just too much for Indians (I know coz I'm partially Indian).

Hey doll, so you wanna wear a bikini and you're 13 ?
C'mon have patience ! You can wear one when you're like about 16. 13's way too young. Trust me baby, you don't wanna flash those melons and legs for the bitches and dogs out there. They can do random shit, which you'll never ever ever want. Be a little understanding and thoughtful to your parents but I'm not saying that you become a saint or somethin'. Just let go. You're beautiful and you know it and you'll always be, even when you don't show really it. And don't worry about people'll think when you don't wear a bikini - most of those morons don't use their brain often.


Answered Mar 21, 2014
You can wear but inner of your outside dress ;)
Answered Mar 24, 2014
Same i'm 10 and once my parens bought me one but it was a 3- set- a rashie, shorts and a bikini. My Best Friend wears it to the schools swimming lessons
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