I'm a girl and I think there is a girl in my class who likes me.

I always find her staring at me and whenever we talk she seems to smile at me or deeply look into my eyes. She's in my Chem. class and one day we had an experiment to do. I went over to her lab station because she is partnered with one of my good friends. I was talking to my friend, standing next to the sink, and she went over to fill up a flask with water. She literally was standing over me, I could feel her breast against my back and I kinda felt uncomfortable so I moved. Then, my friend asked her what she was doing because she needed to fill the flask with distilled water not regular water from the sink. She then said "Oh yeah!" Every time I want to go someplace else in class (e.g. guidance) she wants to come with me. The only thing is she talks about how there are some guys that she wants to go out with but according to her she doesn't like them. I feel like when she talks about this in a group of girls, she specifically looks for my reaction. Idk, could I be looking at this the wrong way or does this girl have feelings for me?
Asked Dec 03, 2011
*ponders* Have you ever asked her if she's straight? I guess the best way to ask her is to talk about female celebrities and ask her who she'd date and ask her if she's serious or joking Xd...or just come out and ask it...but the breast against your back thing is kinda...kinda open actually, not many girls I know would do that unless they liked you, or unless you'd been friends since you were born...but if she talks about guys she wants to go out with that's a sign she's trying to find out if you like someone - otherwise she'd say that she liked one of them...maybe just quiz her on if she likes anyone and see where you go from there :) hope I helped
Answered Dec 03, 2011
Haha yeah, this is the first time I've had her in a class and the first time I've ever met her lol you def. did help, thanks for the advice!
Ayo3 Dec 03, 2011

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