OMG.Dancing.Dresses.Tuxes.FREAKING OUT.Don't have a date.Should I ask?

O.K. So, well when I think about it.....i wanna ask him....but my friend asked him out for me last year...he said no. I'm scared to because when I get around him I can't help but stare.... Hes just so pretty! But I'm afraid he might have a date or he might not go or he'll just plain out reject me(My worst fear) I hate dresses and heels....but we have to wair them. But hes a basketball player so when they have a game he has to wair a tux. But no jacket or blazer or whatever. He's in a different class..... so how would I ask him? Sometimes when they go practice they have to go to a different school to. So they ride my bus now. Sometimes I would catch him looking at me in the corner of his eyes. But then I think hes probly looking past me.... So confused....? O.o
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Asked Dec 02, 2011
You will never accomplish anything that you are unwilling to try. Even if the odds are high that he will turn you down, you should ask to make sure. Do it when there's nobody in the conversation but the two of you. If you're shy or nervous, tell him, "Excuse me if I seem nervous but I'm kinda' shy." That will give him the chance to be on your side. If he turns you down, so be it. Then you don't have to wonder what would have happened if you'd asked.
Answered Dec 02, 2011
Edited Dec 02, 2011
Pretty Girl(or Guy) Theory:

It goes like this... EVERYONE is afraid to ask the pretty girl or guy to the dance, - so the first one who does has the best chance. It does work - try it. Just buck up, relax and find the words. You can do it.
Answered Dec 02, 2011

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