I really really really hate women

Hey, I hate women, it just infuriates me when a woman is rude to me because deep down I feel that I am superior while I know I am not and men and women and are equal and shit. I also hate the obsession over popstars and the emotional bullshit every single woman I know spews. But what I hate even more is when a woman thinks she is tough. No disrespect, I really hate hating but I cant help it this fucken sucks its eating my brain help me please im going to stay alone forever if I keep up this shitty state of mind
Asked Nov 30, 2011
Not to sound like a therapist but can I ask where your hatred for women comes from? There must be a reason, beliefs of other people in your family? Difficulties with the women in you family? I feel the same way that you do and actually this question is quite a 'miracle' if you please for me because I was going to ask about my hatred for men but this question made me reflect on my relationships with men. Maybe you should try to think about your relationships with the women in your family, are they positive or negative? Take a step back and when you get annoyed about women and their 'female tendancies' if you will to 'spew' over small things don't get angry because someone could get hurt if things get out of control with you anger. I hope I've helped a little bit.
Answered Nov 30, 2011
Yeah, you're right. You need to get over this...

But also, I think a part of it is the women you know. Dude, I'm a woman and *I* hate being around women who are obsessed with popstars and overwhelmed by emotional bull. I don't like being around men like that, either. (Notice that I'm saying I hate being AROUND them, not that I hate THEM.)

I say take a good, long look at yourself and really figure out what it is about you that attracts women like that into your surroundings.

And generally, people who think they are superior use that to cover up that deep down they have huge inferiority complexes about something. Take a look at what, if anything, makes you feel inferior... fear of rejection, maybe... mommy issues... etc...
Answered Nov 30, 2011
Edited Nov 30, 2011
The obstacle you need to overcome is the idea that all people in one category are the same whether it be gender, size, race or whatever. Both men and women can be rude, emotional, tough or stupid. Likewise, either one can be the opposite. It's not their sex that's making it that way, it's your attitude toward them. Just pick your friends by who they are as individuals and understand that every one of us is very different.
Answered Nov 30, 2011
Apt username IMO.
With an attitude like that, I think you may be hated more by the opposite sex than you hate them.
Answered Dec 01, 2011
i would also like to say that I cant stand seeing a man from a different race with a white woman or a white man with an asian woman it hurts me but im not racist or anything I have no problem with black people. I also hate it when women treat me like a sex object it pisses me off, also when I go to youtube and I look at videos when I see sexist comments towards women it fucks with me yet I hate women. I feel like I should be the only one that hates women
cockman Dec 01, 2011
If you, "can't stand seeing a man from a different race with a white woman or a white man with an Asian woman" but don't consider yourself racist, what would you think you'd have to do to earn the title of "racist?" In other words, if your description isn't racist, what is?
Rob Dec 01, 2011
Seriously good point. If it "hurts" you, this really does point to some sort of inferiority complex that does seem to be the driving factor behind your misogyny (hatred of women) and veiled racism. When you say, "I feel like I should be the only one that hates women," that points to a serious entitlement issue that's a major contributing factor as well. I'd really suggest making your way to a therapist so you don't lose years of your life being miserable and full of rage when you could be happy and loved.
Don't beat around the bush people......He is Racist, Sexist & self obsessed.
"Oh look at me...i post ignorant shit on the teh internestz so people acknowledge I exist"
Tough guy behind the computer mocking my problems get a life you twat

cockman Dec 02, 2011
Wow! I guess I missed this one. You need to find girls like you. Takes time. I have met so many girls that are not what I am into. I have met a few that I am but the problem is they're taken.

Once I hated all people, I found true friends who care and showed me not to hate.
Now I like all people until you give me a reason not to, but my guard remains strong. Trust issues but I will let people prove themselves.

I found a girl who I might get close with and she was there for me for 3 years and missed her. I over looked because of influence.

Look around and take your time. Most girls are messed but, so are men.
It is 2011 and it's worst out there, because lack of family support, thus they are confused with the media to make them feel better.

I thought I might be alone forever, yet I am finding people everywhere and now the ball is in my field to hit.

Give it time. I am sorry you feel this way, but someone might just snap you out of it.

By the way, if you do not date you will never find your soul mate, so get out there and keep trying. Just take your time and do what you like to do. You want a girl to share your life with and not stop your life.

A girl to support your sail as you sail down the great blue.
Not a girl to act like an anchor and then make your slowly sink your dreams away. That is what happened to be. Now I had to restart my life and got the girl back who I should have never overlooked.

Answered Dec 19, 2011
SPIDERBOYMAX - Somewhere, sometime, somehow, you had a decent and interesting conversation with a woman that did not end in disgust or confusion. Can you recall the kind of situation it happened in? On a bus? On a train? At a bar?
Answered Mar 31, 2013
so you don't like women that are rude and are obsessed with popstars? hun there's a million or even a thousand women out there that aren't like that you can't hate EVERY women on earth.
Answered Apr 21, 2013
Why not?
Smackup Sep 23, 2014
Now that's just rude>:(
Answered Aug 14, 2013
oh gosh .... I'm a woman but let me psychologically tell you that I HATE people because of the thought process. I get along with people and always had to be the emotional peace maker I just cant stand men AND WOMEN with me me me and the friends I I I I want in the workplace. Its stupid and dumb and as for the women whom act tough .... I speak my mind and have freedoms just like anyone else and don't pardon me with stereotypes and judgements I like whom I am ...
Answered Aug 23, 2013
I have had a healthy hatred for women all my life, I hated the fact I do until recently when I realised it is a clash of opposites and the natural result of attempting to combine us into a synthesis. There is nothing wrong in not getting on, I dont want to get on, find a way etc, I despise feminine ways and wiles and I want that to stand, not find a solution of compromise. I will be who I am and they will remain who they are. Of course its the women who demands satisfaction and compromise, mediocrity is a feminine trait par excellence. I am salt so women can sod off. And yes I have female friends.
Answered Dec 15, 2011

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