She promised to love me now she loved someone else what went wrong?

I knew this girl for quite long time. when she broke up with her ex who was also my friend, I decided to take good care of her. because we were spending many times together I found myself loving her. when I proposed her for a relationship she told me she is not ready to start a new relationship, but if she was to love the next person that would be me. she was always appreciating the way I treated her. the problem however happened when her ex became jelous and tried to reunite with her. she seemed interested to go back to her ex but something went wrong and that didnt work out. I didnt want to give her up and I was always waiting her feedback, while I kept showing my interest in her. It's been two months but surprisingly she told me few days ago that she decided to love a guy who she had only known for a week! I was really into her I wonder why she didnt love me I am finding it hard to move on considering the time and money I lost on this girl.
Asked Nov 25, 2011

A real relationship requires a commitment on the part of both people involved. She knows she can do what she wants and you will be there if it doesn't work out. You need to take that option off the table. Stop showing any interest in her. One of two things will happen. If she cares for you she will have to consider what's she's losing and change. If she doesn't it's over. Either way you will have your answer.

Unless you're an equal partner in a relationship, it's not a relationship.
Answered Nov 25, 2011

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