What should I do to get this girl out of my mind?

I got this girl after she had just broke up with his boy friend. I loved her so much but she dint want to start a relationship with me right away. I decided to take care of her to help her in every thing she needed and to make her forget the sorrow she had. She was really nice to me and I believed she would love me. it's been three months now. surprisingly she called me yesterday saying I should stop taking care of her because she has loved a guy who only dated her for two days. that was a shock to me and I dont know ho get rid of this girl out of my mind.
Asked Nov 24, 2011
"Loving" someone with the hope they will love you is a big gamble that seldom pays off. You took that risk and you lost. Now it's time to pay up. There's no magic way to get someone out of your mind but understanding how unrealistic that relationship was, may help.
Answered Nov 25, 2011
Edited Nov 25, 2011
A girl who can fall in love in 2 days, isn't worth worrying over.
It may be difficult to read this, but she is either foolish, or wants you to know that she doesn't want you.
Don't worry it will pass, your brain will win.
Answered Nov 29, 2011
Ok, here's the thing. NEVER go for someone who's newly out of a relationship. It's called "being on the rebound." The person is usually emotionally unstable, but rarely emotionally aware enough to know and communicate that. Steer clear away. There's very, very, very little chance of building a healthy relationship at that time. Sadly, it sounds like this girl was using you to fill an emotional void left by the dissolution of the previous relationship, although she might not have been doing it intentionally. I agree that she doesn't sound like she's worth worrying over. Just tell yourself it wasn't meant to be, and keep yourself busy with other things.
Answered Nov 29, 2011

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