What is the most Epic music you have ever heard?

I have heard some epic music in my lifetime. Lacrimosa was one of my favorites. I have also heard The requiem for a dream songs, and I have heard most of the Two steps from Hell songs. (excuse my language). If there is any other songs that are epic that you know of, please respond and tell me! Thanks.
Asked Nov 22, 2011
Absolutely agree on "Lacrimosa." I'd add to that the entire "Requiem." "Confutatis" is just larger than life. "Dies Irae" is so emotive. Oh, wow.

Also, I thought of Winton Marsalis's "Blood on the Fields." And anything chanted by the Gyuto Monks feels epic to me, probably due in part to my commitment to that spiritual path. Their chanting moves me.
Answered Nov 22, 2011
Oh, and there's something about the theme music to Star Trek The Next Generation...
Thank you. I definatly agree that Confutatis is epic. Thanks for the songs!
9999k1 Nov 23, 2011
I'm not sure of the music, but i've recently finished a youtube video with a friend of mine. We used this epic music in the background? Sure it may not be the most epic music you'll ever hear, but the timing and sequence to the video matches. The link to the song that we got it from is in the description.

Answered Nov 23, 2011
Yes, "Preliator" is up there.
Cool effects.
The music goes perfectly with the video. You have a talent for film making. Very impressive.
Rob Nov 23, 2011
I agree all around!!
Thank you (: I've gotten into film making while I had the time.. but with school coming back, I really can't do anything ._.
Requiem for a Dream

Answered Nov 23, 2011

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