Why would any bi/les fall for a straight girl?

I'm bi and I've always wondered why anyone would do this. Why set yourself up for disappointment and misery? Is it that if you can busy yourself with a non-existent relationship then you don't have to put yourself at danger of getting hurt in an actual relationship? Do you want pain? Do you think there's something poetic about it? Why do this?
Asked Nov 22, 2011
i see wat u mean. I think ur compltely right. its like me tring yo win over a full lez girl. it aint happenin
It's part of humanity to crave something you cannot realistically have.
The same can be applied to some gay men, who prefer hetero over homo.
Answered Nov 23, 2011
I'm gay and I fell for a straight and I fell hard! And I couldn't control how I felt for her I tired and the more I tired the more it hurt me eventually when her and my friend got together I moved on I still care for her but im just not in love with her, it's life you can't control how you feel for someone or how hard you fall for them.
Answered Jan 08, 2012
Edited Jan 08, 2012
I think you answered your own question. The fear of getting into another relationship can be so great that you want what you can't have to keep yourself at a safer distance than a more realistic choice would offer. So much of life is an ongoing battle between how you feel and what makes sense. Over time, what makes sense usually wins the battle.
Answered Nov 23, 2011
I agree.
good point rob
LG2159 May 09, 2013
i think sometimes you do fall for ppl with out realizing it. i'm bi, and once I moved away and grew apart from who I thought was my best girl friend, I realized that I had a crush on her but hadn't acknowlded it cuz I instinctively knew it wasn't going to go anywhere.
Answered Jan 01, 2012
Well, I was straight before I met my girlfriend. Some people are bi/les and don't realize it until they meet someone they want to be with. So, there's always a chance that, if the straight person happens to care about you, they could turn bi.(:
Answered Apr 15, 2012
Because Cupid has a cruel sense of humor, plain and simple. :p
Answered May 09, 2013
I was straight and fell for a girl, never thought i'd see myself doing that

.. I Don'T believe In Sexuality Anymore I Believe If You Truly Love Someone then Nothing Else Matters
Answered May 13, 2013
thats exactly right, it doesnt matter wheather its LGBT, Love is love, and thats all that matters. You cant help it anyways. life is like that for all people

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