•the words islam and muslim are from the same aramaic/semetic root, and the words salām, shalom, and

•The words Islam and Muslim are from the same Aramaic/Semetic root, and the words Salām, Shalom, and Salem are all translated as “ peace,” “peace that comes from submission to God,” “whole,” “ complete,” “intact.”
◦Explain why “submission” is the major theme of Islam, keeping in mind this history of the words’ meanings.
◦Identify examples of the connections between “submission” and “ peace” or wholeness” within the practice of Islam.

Asked Nov 22, 2011
Islam is a great religion it makes you at ease with yourself, your society and most important with Allah "God". "Submission" to his Allah's mercy and to His will is the only way to guarantee that you'll end up in Jannah "heaven" and not in Hell. Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (sallah allahu alhi w salam) who delivered us the Qur'an which contains the main principles of Islam. Not to lie, not to fight, not to discriminate, not to gossip, to always pray to Him alone etc.
The Wholeness one feels in Islam is being a assured that Allah is always present to guard over you and protect you.
Answered Jul 12, 2013

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