Best ways to commite suicide on your b-day?

I'm 14 n turning 15 tomorrow,Its my b-day n I also want it to be my death day.any best ideas on committing easy suicide?

Please don't tell me that I'm being stupid and that life is worth living
Asked Nov 17, 2011
heres the easiest. DONT DO IT please please please please dont do is worth livinf. I know this isnt wat ur lookin for but its the best answer there is. u have a purpose.
your life is worth living
People who put up questions here and tell the people answering them, "Please don't tell me..." aren't really looking for an answer and aren't going to seriously consider anything you tell them.

Nobody here said you are "being stupid" but asking what is the "best way" to do the unthinkable, understandably might lead someone to that conclusion.

My suggestion for the best way would be to O.D. on birthday cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday and I sincerely wish you many more.
Answered Nov 17, 2011
Edited Nov 17, 2011
I thought you were going to suggest over dosing on pills.. I read the 'O.D.' over before I read the birthday cake part.. But yeah, that's the best way possible.. Enjoy life while you're still young. You have a lot in life to look forward to.
Here's one idea for your birthday....Stay off the damn internetz!!!
I wouldn't like to see anyone committ suicide, but those who ask about how to do it on the internet are attention seekers IMO.
Answered Nov 22, 2011
wow, go to church.

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