Does a dog suffer physchological if his tail gets cut off

my dog got his tail cut off accidently by being slammed in the glass door
Asked Nov 16, 2011
I'm sure it is painful and dogs learn quickly to avoid things that have caused them pain so he may try to avoid that door in the future.

Some breeds have their tails cropped as puppies and I've never seen any evidence that it makes them neurotic. He will probably wag his butt as if there was a tail there and go on with his life. Unlike humans, dogs don't expect much so they're seldom disappointed.
Answered Nov 17, 2011
no but its prop really painfull
Answered Jan 10, 2012
Do you mean psychologically? if so, then yes, but it would be very temporary.
Answered Jan 12, 2012
Edited Jan 12, 2012
No I've had many doberman and I had all their tails docked and it did them good and their fine
Answered Nov 02, 2014

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