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Dynamic websites often use forms for both the POST and GET methods. When preparing a site for dynamic content, which would you design first, the form for the interface, or the database? Please explain your reasoning. Thanks :-)

Can I please get some help with this question, thank you.

What editor are you referring to rob? Please respond
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Asked Nov 13, 2011
Edited Nov 14, 2011
Arachnophilia (Fear of the web :-)

I use the legacy version 4.0 but he's up to version 5.5 now. No idea whats been added. Version 4.0 is one of the most stable programs I've ever used. Never had a problem with it of any kind.

Read his interesting note about freeware:

Rob Nov 14, 2011
Using POST, the form data is passed on STDIN, For GET, the data is passed in the environment variable QUERY_STRING. You have to use different methods to decode the incoming strings. The editor I use allows you to display a number of files at once so I do the form file and data handling at the same time to make sure they line up in the decoding hash but either one could be done first.
Answered Nov 14, 2011

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