What type of poem is this

On the way to the beach
Starting off with my car groaning
I hear the window crying
For a rock has flown at it
Finally at the beach
I see the sand castles standing high
Getting ready for that crashing wave
Ahead I see it running towards me
Success I landed the move
At the end of the day
I hear bottles singing
The surrounded fire crackling
The moon reminding me of daylight
While stars puncturing the pitch black sky
Already missing sunrays warming my skin
Waking up on a Saturday morning
Figuring that it was all a dream
Asked Nov 13, 2011
A poem there is not many types of poems
Answered Nov 22, 2011
From http://www.mywordwizard.com/personification-poems.html :
"Personification Poems are types of verse in which inanimate or non-human objects are given human attributes! For example, 'The wheat danced to the beat of the distant thunder.' Clearly everyone knows wheat can't dance, but it has been given human qualities for the purposes of this unique and entertaining poetic form.

This type of poetry deploys figures of speech in which things or animals are given human characteristics which we recognize in ourselves. We only hope your computer is not wheezing with pain so that you can continue to enjoy this very special collection!"
I saw your question on Yahoo just now when I searched. I don't understand why it isn't a personification poem. You've got a car groaning, a window crying, a wave running, bottles singing, etc. Ask your teacher for clarification. Don't give it a rest until you understand his/her reasoning and agree... or get your grade changed.
Answered Nov 22, 2011
Edited Nov 22, 2011

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