Why does my car horn sound an alarm when using the key fob to unlock the car?

I don't have a car alarm. I am NOT pressing the panic button by mistake or accident. This only occurs when the tempurature is below 70.

Even after pressing the panic button numerous times to get it to turn off, the horn will sound while driving. Depressing the panic button repeatedly will eventually quite the horn.
Asked Nov 07, 2011
If you're sure that the panic button is what's turning the horn off, the problem is either in your hand held device or the receiving unit. If you aren't sure the panic button turns it off it could be that the horn is shorting to a connection somewhere in the wiring. Intermittent electrical problems are hard to find. You need to take it to someone that can trouble shoot it.

If the law in the state where you live doesn't require a horn, you can disconnect the wire at the horn and tape it up. If it does, another option might be to remove the existing wire on the horn, install a new horn button on the steering column and rewire it from the fuse box to the horn.
Answered Nov 07, 2011
First I suggest you to change the horn system or if you have a new car then you should check this car in the service center of that company from which you purchase it.


Mcloughlin Chevy
Answered Feb 27, 2014
I also think that your car's panic button is on or if it is off then you should show your car to the nearest car garage or service center.


Tulsa Hyundai
Answered Mar 28, 2014
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