My Cat was chased away by the neighbors dog

My Cat Baby has been missing sicne Friday Morning when the neighbors dog was off of his chain and ran after her and hasn't come home yet, what do I do? I call for her every day and every night, but I get no response to my calls, this has really got me feeling the wrose...Please help me.
Asked Nov 02, 2011
my cat has been missing too tell me is u found your cat cat is pregnant now and I don't know how long before she goes into labor
commen4 Nov 12, 2015
I think maybe you should begin to put up posters and ask around neighbours homes in case someone has seen her or taken her in, if there is no luck with that check your local cat centres and if they have not seen her then ask if anyone brings in a kitten of a similar description to call you right away.
To be completely honest there is little chance of a young kitten surviving alone in 'the wild', be prepared for the worst if you can't find her.
I hope I helped you and I'm sorry you lost your pet.
Answered Nov 02, 2011
Edited Nov 02, 2011
Thank you so much, and she isn't a kitten, she had kittens about a month ago, we have kept three of them, I have put up two flyers one at the beginning of my neighborhood and one at the stop down the road.
To bad. My German shepherd is trained to track.
She is not pro, but good enough.
Also she loves cats which is strange, because her family hates them.
She's sweet like that.

She found my friend's mother's kitten no problem.
I was shocked.
If you know some one with a dog who can track on command, that's the way to go. However my GSD also sometimes finds what we're looking for...Well you know . I hate to scare you, but "passed on"
Answered Dec 20, 2011
Edited Dec 20, 2011
I guess I will just leave this, but didn't realize the date. Sorry.
I would put up Posters and alert Neighbors just in case.
Answered Nov 13, 2015

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