Religious Life on our Planet Earth

Can someone discuss the criteria you will employ to determine if people on earth are religious, in other words, what does religion look like?
Describe three examples of behaviors or beliefs you observe that meet the criteria you established above. Based on your observations, could you explain what the function of religion appears to be on Earth.

I'll take any help that I can get, thks :)
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Asked Oct 24, 2011
"Religious" is a very broad term that describes a person that has beliefs about many unproven or unknown parts of our existence like how did mankind get here and what makes us different than other forms of life on the planet. Religious people most often follow the beliefs of their parents, live similar lifestyles and share traditions with people of the same faith.

Religion explains concepts we don't understand, helps in maintaining moral standards and plays important roles in history since most all of the information about ancient times was handed down and distributed through religious organizations.

Historically, religion has also contributed to wars, death and destruction often fighting over which ideology is best for bringing about peace on Earth.

Answered Oct 24, 2011
religion is something u believe like humanists and christians and all those even though humanists say its not a religion. some think they should eliminate the other religions to have world peace. some like christianity think there wil be no world peace because of sin. religions are about whos in control like most have a god or multiple gods. they try to explain how we got here. like the big bang therie. humanists say trer is no ablolute truth but if you ask them if thier absolutely sure about that, thell usually say yes and they just defeated their own argument. (im a christian:))
Answered Oct 24, 2011

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