I need your advice on something plz help!

its for my friend, she likes this boy, he makes her happy, but she cant date him because it will hurt alot of people, such as her friends and family. she is indian and he is muslum, her parents find it forbiddin to date a muslum, I think thats stupid but still, she knows iits bad but still kisses him and hooks up. she says to me that he is different (in a good way) and she cant get enough of him, she really wants to date him. what should she do? plz help her.
Asked Oct 23, 2011
That is a tough situation that almost requires the healing of centuries of hostilities between two cultures to resolve. The answer would depend on their age, how important they consider religion, whether they are capable of supporting themselves, their estimation of their families reaction and whether they are willing to risk a life without any family contact for one together. If they are young, it is virtually impossible to predict how all of these complicated issues would work over time and I surely have no way to predict that.

But here's what I can predict: The heat of passion they are feeling now will subside over time and it will be replaced by many of the conflicts above. How to raise their children. What religious holidays to observe. Male-female roles inherent in the two cultures and on and on. I agree with you that this stupid but it remains very real. Until the world learns to accept religion as cultural history instead of a wall of division, I would think very long and hard before wading into this dilemma any deeper that where it is right now.
Answered Oct 23, 2011
again with the great advice, you have a point there thanks
wobblyG Oct 24, 2011

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