Should I take this dog I have been offered for free.its a pedigree.

I have been offered a pedigree dog for free. He is a Pit Bull and was once a fighting dog...well last week he was but my boyfriend won him when his owner couldn't pay up on the book on a fight he lost. so soon as they sew that front leg back on he could be all mine.

I live in a kinda small place, but the trailer park owner does allow pets (my 4 y/0 daughter has two kittens, a wabbit and a Yorkie)...

So I need to know...what do Pit Bulls like to eat? Will it be expensive?
Asked Oct 22, 2011
Answered Oct 22, 2011
actually with a 4yo daughter its not a good idea
pit bulls can probly eat your normal lams dog food its moderatly cheap how cheap do you want it to be
Answered Oct 22, 2011
Thank you for being so kind. I'm not sure the rest of these people even like doggies at all!
your welcome
Oh this will be the ideal dog for you, course it will eat the cats first, and it might take the odd nip out of the child, but its only young so most parts will grow back. Not hard to feed really they will eat almost anyone sorry, anything, you give them. I would advise keeping it away from strangers as some of them get really offended when dogs savage them. Tie him next to the little maryjane patch you got at the back of the trailer, hell, ittle scare the sheet out of the local kids when they came around taxing it. Good deal I would say, dont forget to buy a studded collar so it will look like all the other pit bulls owned by fckwits, sorry other people, in the trailer park. PS dont worry about the vets bill for the leg just let it loose on the debt collecter, he wont come back.
Answered Oct 22, 2011
They like to eat Wabbits, Kittens, Yorkies, and 4 year old girls.
Answered Oct 22, 2011
Edited Oct 22, 2011
That's exactly what I was going to say! There's no way in the world I would bring a fighting pit bull anywhere near a 4-year-old... or near myself for that matter. You can't be seriously considering this. You must be joking.
absolutely not. surely u kno this isn't safe. your bf won him, so the dog is his responsibility not yours.
Answered Oct 23, 2011


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