Wat r the ehelp rules

Asked Oct 22, 2011
Here's the answer Rob gave a while back:


Every user has a Reputation score. When they post clear and useful questions or answers, other users can vote their score up or down. To view a user's rep score, click on their User Name or Icon.

Voting a question or answer up adds 5 points to their Reputation score.
Voting it down causes them to lose 2 points.
If a post is removed for violating the rules, they lose 20 points.

The rules are:
* You cannot post identifying information (Email, Name, Address, Telephone)
* You cannot use Ehelp to promote products or web sites.
* You cannot attack or abuse other members.
* Any other posts judged to be outside the intended purpose of exchanging useful information may be removed.

Info about anonymity:

More from Ryan the founder about abuse:

When clicking the "Report Abuse" link, members with higher Reputation Score are more trusted, thus their votes will have more "weight".

For instance, a post will be automatically deleted when it receives more than 3 "votes" by members who with a Rep greater than 200.
Answered Oct 23, 2011
Edited Oct 23, 2011
Also, bobb1358, NEVER give out your email to someone you meet online. It's not a safe thing to do. If you haven't deleted that post yet, you should so you won't get spam because of it.
i will
what was the question called?
if you click on ur name u will go to ur profile. you can see all ur questions and answers. click thru them until u find it.
it was a comment
the easiest way to remember the rules is just be genuinely helpful or dont say anything -- just like in life
Answered Oct 23, 2011
I'm kinda hopin there aren't any...and ya noe...so far so good.
Answered Oct 22, 2011

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