I need help with bills to pay?

Both me and my husband lost our jobs within a year apart of each other. He did loose his first and found one in about three mounths. then we got behind in our bills because we only had one income coming in. it was hard. then a year later I lost my job and could not find one for six mounths we just cant get ahead at all. there are other issues as well but it would take forever to write it all down. please help me on to what to do. I'm realy upset and really don't no what to do.
Asked Oct 18, 2011
i need help
If you're repaying student loans, you could try consolidation or requesting a forbearance. If you have consumer debts, then maybe you could consolidate those through a reputable company to condense several bills into one. Your local or state consumer advocacy agency should have a resource list of decent companies. Check with your electric/gas utilities to see if you can qualify for assistance or reduced rates. Check with your local social services office and ask for a social worker to tell you about every program your situation qualifies for. If you're concerned about foreclosure try these pages for info:

Many credit unions have financial advisors who can give advice in situations like this. I really recommend finding a TRUSTED free advisor who can evaluate your situation and help you make decisions about what to do.

I hope you catch a break soon.
Answered Oct 18, 2011
i think the best bit in this is get a free advisor to evaluate your situation and help you make a new plan. either someone at a bank or credit union or soc services.
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