Buzzing samsung 32" lcd tv

my tv buzzes every time it is turned on to av1 or av2. it fluctuates with the sounds that the tv makes from the movie playing. tv does not buzz when turned on regular tv.

is there any way to fix this manually
preferably not taking it apart or taking it somewhere to be fixed
Asked Oct 15, 2011
A humming or buzzing noise usually comes from the line frequency in a power supply not being filtered properly (60 cycle hum). About the only thing you can do outside the unit is to make sure all of the devices (TV, Input devices speakers etc.) are plugged to the same power source and they are grounded properly. Make sure none of the power plugs have been forced into an outlet backwards.

Any inter-connected devices should be in the proper jacks. If you have any old equipment in the setup, make sure it is feeding from a line level output.

Unplug the external devices one-by-one to see which one removes the buzz. If none do, it will likely have to be opened to fix it.

Answered Oct 16, 2011

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