Need help with a complex question.

Imagine that you have been tasked with creating a Web server for a small retail company. The company is planning on several static pages that discuss their company and its products and staff. They will also want a dynamic aspect that will be able to support some e-Commerce, a forum to evaluate products and services, a mailing list, and maybe a blog from the owner. Currently the company has one location, but are hoping the Web presence will help to expand their company. Can someone please respond to the following:

What kind of server would you choose?
What software?
What components would you suggest?
What kind of back-up and recovery system would you employ?

Just answering at least one of my question would be greatly helpful, and I will take the rest from there if I have too, please, please help. Thank you.

Pleas is there anyone that could at least partly help me out???!
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Asked Oct 10, 2011
Edited Oct 10, 2011
First I would choose a reliable web hosting company rather than attempt to maintain my own online server. They would be responsible for the on site backup. I would select a Linux system with CGI-Perl support and SendMail or an equivalent system for the mailing list. Not because that's necessarily the best but because that's what I could reliably produce in a reasonable amount of time.

Don't try to process payment information on your site. The e-commerce provision should be a checkout arrangement with a financial institution where your site passes the purchase information to their secure site, the customer enters their card information there, they process the payment, transfer the money to your account and communicate the approval to you for shipment.

The scripts for administrating the site should provide graphics and text uploads that allow the user to change and edit their products, staff information and the owner's blog plus the capability for adding maps and directions for new locations when they join the site.

Good customer support is a critical key to a successful commercial site. Don't forget helpful FAQ's and contact info.

Answered Oct 10, 2011

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