Linux VS Windows

When comparing Linux to Windows, which platform do you feel is best for web development? Please explain why?
Thank you guys so very much for any help that you can give.
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Asked Oct 03, 2011
99 percent of the time the "best" system is the one the developer already understands. It's considerably more efficient to choose servers and services like scripting support based on what you understand than to spend months learning something new to fit a different system. Most of the larger web hosts support both Linux and Windows.
Answered Oct 03, 2011
The most obvious benefit is that it is free and so are its applications. It saves me money as upgrading or installing applications will not cost me a dime unlike Windows which I have to buy each and every component, application and even some upgrades. This also means that I can freely share the OS among friends without it being illegal. Make sure that you require providing Writing dissertations offers helps you in receiving your objectives.
Answered Aug 05, 2014
Comparision will get on also notes are provided .so you please refer this site.
Answered Apr 03, 2015
There are differences between Linux and Windows. However, the primary difference occurs with the features. If you are using a Windows specific application, it may be advisable to use a Windows server. However, even Windows proprietary applications can often be used on Linux. There are typically available work around or translations that will allow you to use your Windows application on a Linux server. There are many reasons Linux is often used in web hosting and price is a significant component. When looking for hosting, be aware that Linux provides a cost effective, secure and stable environment for your site. Know more at Poweruphosting site.
Answered Jun 12, 2015
In terms of price Linux variants are available for free or at a much lower price than
Windows.Most of the Programs,Softwares,applications are free on Linux and it charge on Windows.majority of variants and version are reliable on Linux than Windows.
You can also visit this forum link for more details:
Answered Jun 26, 2015

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