How do I reset the password,on my dvr?bunker hill security#67139

i have a bunker hill security 4 camera dvr model#67139,i lost the manual,and the password seems to have changed or do I get a hold of the default password?or is there another way for me to get it going?i can find manuals to other bunker hill camera setups at the harbor freight site(where I bought it)but none for is literally stuck on record! I can't stop it ,without a password that isnt the one I set it up with!
Asked Oct 01, 2011
Think about it. If you could go online and get passwords for security systems, then they are no longer secure systems. A person that wants to turn off the cameras before the crime could do it easily.

I've never been able to find a support location for Bunker Hill. Harbor Freight is the only place that can verify the system belongs to you and they know who makes the elusive Bunker Hill products. If they can't resolve this, you're stuck.

Tech support seems to be an ongoing problem with Bunker Hill products.

Answered Oct 02, 2011
I don't know how to reset the password, but I can give you a tip that might help. The password to access from my PC is different from the password to access locally. Could this be your problem? Might the local password still be the default 000000 or might it be one you entered locally and thought you changed at your PC (when they are actually separate passwords)?
Answered Oct 07, 2011
the default on mine was 123456
Answered Mar 12, 2012
thats the password for mine too
Disconect the power. Remove the four screws securing the top. Remove the 'coin' battery and short the battery contacts for 10 seconds. Reinstall battery. All settings will be returned to default. Mine is 000000.
Answered Dec 01, 2012
How do u short it ?
With it unplugged from any power source and the battery out, bend a paper clip so it will touch both of the contacts in the battery receptacle. Hold the two ends against the contacts in the unit for 10 seconds. DON'T PLACE THE PAPER CLIP ON THE BATTERY.
Rob Jun 26, 2013
I have two dvr . can you help to reset this is the model type : the first is :SOYO .sy-8016 the second is : HIKVISION : MODEL: ds-7208hvi-st
Answered Sep 18, 2013
Does anyone knows how to reset the password(s) of an LS9316h?
Answered Feb 04, 2014
Hola, tengo un dvr de 16 canales modelo XKA-9006 del cual no recuerdo el password, si alguien puede darme ayuda se lo agradeceria, he tratado quitandole la bateria, pulsando un sw de reseteo que tiene en la motherboar y nada aun. Gracias de antemano
Answered Apr 06, 2014
you will have to enter the ID number from you product manual
Answered Jun 09, 2018

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