Bunker Hill H.264 DVR Security System, video setup question.

I accidentally changed my video setup to PAL and it should be NTSC. My video is jumping and I don't know how to change it back to the correct setting. I can get the main menu to come up but I can't access anything in it because the video won't stay still.

Any suggestions?
Asked Sep 29, 2011
PAL and NTSC are video formats that control the frames per second and number of scan lines for recording or displaying in VHS format. If you're looking at it with a computer, you should be able to see the software controls because the computer doesn't use either method. Make sure there is no control on the camera. If you're using a Bunker Hill box and a TV, see if you can set the TV to PAL to be able to see it. If That isn't possible, try to reset the box to a default (removing power etc). Otherwise you need to contact the people that sold it to you. We've got a number of questions about Bunker Hill and have never been able to locate any support.

Answered Sep 29, 2011
Edited Sep 29, 2011
I accidentally changed my video setting to PAL also. Not able to see the screen through my TV, I ended up hooked up a computer projector to the DVR and was able to see the screen and change the settings back to NTSC. Problem solved!
gibbsy Dec 04, 2015
Master set h.264
Answered Nov 27, 2011
What is Master set h.264?
Rob I cannot get any video or access the dvr to set up my system. Can you help please
Answered May 26, 2013
Bunker Hill Tech Support:



[email protected]
Rob May 26, 2013
menu lock can't get in the other main menu can u help
Answered Sep 12, 2013
I accidently changed the video setup to PAL. I was able to change it back going through my dvd recorder....thank goodness. With dvd recorder in record mode allowed me to reset the video setup to NTSC.
Answered Mar 15, 2015
Red light blinking green is solid, all cameras are jumping on
Answered Oct 16, 2017
my BUnkerhill night vision serial #069031721 it won't go into switch mode I sayes it's on but it's the same picture its' like the other camera is disconnected. why is suppose to be in ntsc pal s-cam what? please help
Answered Sep 07, 2019

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