My partner has been abusing my chest,Please help me out !

I am a girl in my 20's slim with very firm 32F breasts,my partner also a girl slim with big very firm 34E breasts and we are both 5ft 7" tall,we have been together for a good 3 years but over the last 4 weeks I have seen a big change in her,we were invited to a party 4 weeks ago and I saw a friend that I hadnt seen since 9th grade and all I did was give her a big hug,well my girl saw this and when I went back to chat with her I was just about to tell her that she was a friend from 9th grade when she grabbed me and pulled me right into her,both our breasts bashed into each other so hard and she started shouting at me,I tryed to tell her that she was my girl and no one els would come inbetween us,as she was shouting at me she held me right up against her and saw people looking at her breasts banging into mine,I tryed to carlm her down but it wouldnt work so I decided to leave to go home and when I got outside she ran up to me and spun me round to face her and again pulled me into her,she really made her breasts go into my breast full on and I said ouch your breasts hurt my breasts,we got home and she was like a diffrent person,she gave me a loving hug and kissed me and told me she was sorry she made her breasts bang into my breasts so hard,I started to feel ok with her again as she took our tops off and begane to rub her breasts and nipples against mine,things were ok for another week and we decided to go out clubbing and as we were dancing together her breasts started to bump harder into mine,I moved back abit but she kept coming forward to make hers bump mine,but then suddenly someone pushed into my back at the same time she was coming towards me and our big breasts bashed together so hard that we bounced off each others breasts,I quickly held my breasts with my hands and she got that close her breasts pushed into the backs of my hands,she orderd me to take my hands away from my breasts so as I did she got hold of my waist and made her breasts bump and press tightly against mine,we danced with our breasts tight together most of the night,she told me she was going to let go of me but told me to keep my breasts against hers as we danced and not to let them come apart,both our breasts are really pointed and the points of them were together full on,I could feel them lifting each other up and down and pulling at each other and when I looked to my right I saw 3 girls staring at our big breasts,well suddenly my breasts sliped down off her breasts when she shouted,NO keep your breasts against mine got hold of me and made her breasts bash my breasts hard twice and as she did I heard the other girls shout out ouch oh my god there boobs just hit together,I stoped dancing and put my hands on my bum as her breasts rubbed and bumped against my breasts,she then stoped dancing got hold of my waist again and I glanced to the girls when she stood making her breasts bump my breasts 6 times,the girls said,god they have big pointed boobs look at them go into each other that poor girls boobs must hurt,we both had white T shirts on so everyone could our breasts together,after that night everything was ok untill last weekend when she was making her breasts be so rough with my breasts as we were at home and we were topless,I am frightend to tell her that her breasts do hurt my breasts abit when she gets rough,please I dont no what to say or do,come someone give me some advice ??? pleasssssssssssse. Thanks. P.S. its just that both our breasts are that big and pointed they really bang hard.
Asked Sep 27, 2011
If you're uncomfortable with how your partner is touching you, you have to tell her. Period. Anyone who truly loves you will respect you and want to do anything to avoid hurting you. If she's not willing to respect your body, then you've got bigger issues to be concerned about as well.
Answered Sep 27, 2011
woah literally how embarassing banging breasts in public. literally tell her it hurts
Answered Dec 20, 2012
if your breasts are saying no and her big bashing breasts are saying yes, then the breasts who belong to the basher need to be firmly held back from bashing into your big breasts otherwise all the breast bashing is gonna get even more attention from the breast watchers at the nightclubs and the chemists and the shops etc people wont believe what they are seeing with all the breast banging and bashing and touching and arguing so you neeed to tell the owner of the harsh, cruel big breast to STOP! So no more big breast touching. Hope it helps and good luck.
Answered Feb 16, 2013

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