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I am about to get out of alternative school and go back to regular school. I have been in this school for about 90 days and this is my second time here. I am about to go back to my original school which I havent been to in forever. Do you have any helpful tips that I can use so I can stay my butt out of trouble?
Asked Sep 19, 2011
You will do fine once you get a long term perspective. School is about where you will be ten years from now, not tonight or this weekend. Remember that.

Set some high goals for yourself and work hard to get there. Maybe become a straight "A" student would be a good goal?

Birds of a feather really do flock together. Becoming best friends with the nerdiest kid in the school might help too. Don't roll your eyes girl! :-)

Answered Sep 19, 2011
I agree with Rob.
- Set your sights on a goal, and work for it.
- Maybe get involved in a sport or club. Fill your time with activities that will help round out your college applications (I remember you saying you want to be a psychologist...) and keep you from having time to get in trouble.
- Spend time with students who are doing well, and avoid the ones you may have been running with when you got into trouble. This sounds tough, but if you want to stay out of trouble, you have to create a new environment for yourself. It doesn't mean you're "better" than them. If just means you want to try something else.
- Develop a relationship with a teacher/counselor who will be able to encourage you on a regular basis and who you can go to when you're having a tough day... and someone who will look out for you.
- Learn to control your anger, and don't let it be the other way around.

Good luck!
Answered Sep 20, 2011
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