Please help with my sexual confusion!

I am 15 and I have been sexually confused since I was 12, at first because I kept thinking about being lesbain or bi I thought I might have HOCD but then I got a new teacher at school and she was fantastic, I was so attracted to her and still am (she left to go to another school) anyway I have found other girls attractive and feel comfortable whenever fantasising about women however whenever I have a sex dream it is always with a woman. I am crushing on guys less and less and don't really find them attractive any more. In a way I kind of want to be lesbian or bi but I just don't know. Do I/my body know something that I don't yet, do I have HOCD, what is up with me?!
I am very masculine as well not like butch but not feminine and I do want to be with women but I have always thought of myself as straight butnow I am not sure at all please help two of my friends think I am bi (I didn't tell them I haven't told anyone)
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Asked Sep 10, 2011
Edited Sep 13, 2011
Don't label yourself then try to be the person that label defines. That can make you very unhappy. Just be yourself, do what comes natural for you and avoid things that make you feel uncomfortable. As you get older, that will answer all of these questions and make for a happy life. For right now, you just don't know and there's nothing wrong with that.
Answered Sep 10, 2011
I agree with Rob. Don't get hung up on the label. Relax and allow yourself to be exactly where you are. When it's clear, it'll be clear.
your bisexuel cause you atracted to womens and have crish on guys ,anyways you most take the right Decision for you ,like what is the best think that you turn of?what is the best who will make you happy in your life choose that the good one. so your bisexuel as you said before but your friends don't know ,well you most tell them don't haid anythink ,Be explicit now or later they will know in any way.good luck .
Answered Sep 10, 2011
yeah I agree with you , of caurse he's bisexuel cause like you said bouchra , you most be your self ,think first before you do something and let the rest to desteny .
evil554 Sep 12, 2011
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OKAY , im a lesbian and I first started noticing that I was attracted to girls when I was like in 3rd grade and when I had my first kiss with a girl it just felt like I was supposed to be with a girl . if it feels right and like u can have a serious relationship with a girl and a boy than u can possibly be bisexual . I cant tell you what youre sexual orientation is because its not up to me. its up to u and if u think u can possibly fall in love with both a boy and a girl than its just the way u are . HMU on fb I might be able to help u moree(: oh and I kno my username is amazinqq ;D
Answered Sep 11, 2011
Edited Sep 13, 2011
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