I hate my schools dress code!

My school has a specific uniform that we have to wear. We have to wear a white collard shirt with khaki pants. We have to either wear black or white shoes with a brown or black or white belt. Our shirts have to be tucked in at all times. I realize that this is a punishment since I go to the school that I go to. But I am always trying to make my uniform different from everybody elses. I will sometimes wear colored tank tops under my shirt (even though we are not aloud to). n colored socks(even though we are not aloud to). I'm always getting in trouble about it too. But yesterday I had a red tank top under my shirt and when we got le out of school I took my shirt off so I was just wearing my red tank top. So I come to school today and I think that I am about to get in a lot of trouble for violating dress code. What do I do? I don't like getting in trouble but I dont like looking like everyone else.
Asked Sep 02, 2011
The purpose of the dress code is to make everybody look alike so hopefully you will look at your schoolwork instead of each other. Going along with the dress code is a small price to pay for becoming a genius. :-)
Answered Sep 02, 2011
Rob's right...

I'd add to that, let the je ne sais quoi (that something distinctive) naturally come from YOU and your personality, and not from the clothes. You might be wearing what everyone else wears, but YOU are not the same as everyone else. That confidence and specialness comes from YOU, not what you're wearing. Make sense?
Answered Sep 02, 2011
Edited Sep 02, 2011
Well I know wat your feeling like I know its hard to look like everyone eles but its good for you if you want we're a necklace or wear your diffrent if you can but its worth it
Answered Apr 20, 2013
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Answered Dec 06, 2017
But I like my schools dress codes. Now I miss my schools dress codes.
Answered Jun 06, 2019
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