What is model simulation?

Please, someone explain; what is model simulation?

Thanks :)

I asked for help here, because I can't seem to find any definition of this term at all, so if anyone could possibly define it as best as possible that would be great, thank u.
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Asked Aug 29, 2011
Edited Aug 29, 2011
A computer model is a set of parameters that describe and object or an event. A simulation applies variables to the object to measure how it reacts to them.

Example: Supply and demand set the price for a given commodity. A model could contain all of the past prices for specific levels of supply and demand. A simulation would assume a shift in either and predict the resulting price. Model simulation is learning the numbers that make it what it is and applying changes to predict the effect such changes would have on it.

Answered Aug 29, 2011
A model is a representation of an object, concept or system.A simulation shows the expected working of a system based on a model of the system. A model can be physical or abstract, and both types can be static or dynamic—that is, they stay the same or change with time.When creating a simulation model, three elements are identified: the parts of the system, the interaction between the parts, and the number and nature of inputs. A model is essentially created for each of these, with crucial aspects considered and minor aspects ignored. learn more on :"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_simulation"
Answered Aug 29, 2011

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