My life is black. Should I end it?

The following are my own words and are written by Joseph:

I used to work at NASA as a neucler physicist. But, once an incident had occurred that caused the loss of my vision. I had to quit. Four months later my daughter was born and I never got to see her. I never will. Now, eight years have passed and sometimes it seems that I'm slowly forgetting my wife's appearance and the appearances of all the others I know. I am currently teaching science at high school and I always wonder how far I would have advanced up the ladder in the field of science and technology if I had never gone blind. I can't imagine what my life has become. I live in a dark here. My daughter has a beautiful voice and sometimes she talks about being a singer in her coming years. She plays piano which is great. I've heard many people admiring her beauty. This makes me really desperate to see her. Its a wonderful feeling for every parent to witness the birth of their child and hold them in their hands. Its a feeling that I never got to experience. So, all of this really hurts me inside. I lost my smile a long time ago. Now I just force a Mona Lisa smile. As years go by, my life becomes meaningless. It makes me more sad and angry. I'm thinking of putting an end to this long depressing journey of mine and I only wish that this wouldn't have a strong and a negative effect on my family and my friends. So, all of this leads to my question. My life is black. Should I end it?
Asked Aug 24, 2011
No, please don't end your life. I could only imagine that it would cause a lifetime of grief and confusion for your daughter and wife, and the rest of your family. In fact, I am staying with a dear friend who's husband just died from a sudden heart attack. I would not wish this kind of pain on anyone. I have never seen this kind of suffering and longing. I bet this isn't how you want to intentionally make your wife feel.

I am sorry you have never seen your daughter, but you have heard her. You say her voice is beautiful and she wants to sing. Don't you want to hear her everyday? Don't you want to be around to experience everything that she will become? What if she becomes some chart-topping star, or a renowned opera diva? Don't you want to hear that?

Please seek counseling. Please talk to someone. Suicide always brings more pain than it ends.
Answered Aug 24, 2011
Edited Aug 24, 2011
No, for a number of reasons

1. Life is a gift, no matter what your conditions are. Maybe you are knocking on a door that wil never open again, and you are not knocking to other doors that have already been open to you that will lead you to splendor and fulfillment. Maybe God wants you to believe in him if you don't, maybe he has a wonderful plan for you, but you were so distracted that he did this! It was a wake up call, accept his wonderful call.

2. Who's gonna take care of your daughter? She is going to be very lonely and unprotected in the most important years of her life. If your wife decides to remake her life, do you think the new guy is gonna be interested in her? Do you think he will take care of her? In many cases, step parents hurt them, even sexually, and your daughter is very beautiful! Do you want that to happen?

3. You are going to make your daughter's life bitter and black forever. She will never be the same. Shw eill never be able to smile in the same way. She will feel batrayed. Many children think it's their fault, so they think they should have never been born. Many children end up also commiting suicide. Would you like your daughter to do it? Please don't ruin her life!

Start all over again, pray to God to enter your heart and give you strenght. Think out of the box.

Answered Aug 27, 2011

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