Will my simple caution by the police affect my UK student visa application

i recently just got a police simple caution and I would like to apply for a UK student visa next year,does this offense affect my application?
Asked Aug 22, 2011
Edited Aug 25, 2011
"Simple caution" sounds like a warning, not being in violation. I don't know your jurisdiction but most police departments enter warnings in their "wants and warrants" data base. If another officer runs you in the data base, he/she will know you have already been warned and move on to step two. You can call the department that issued it and verify that is correct. If it is, the questions that affect visas are about convictions (you go to court), not warnings.
Answered Aug 22, 2011
In the UK, a "simple caution" is not just a warning, it is a record of an admission of guilt (formerly known as a "formal caution") that, since in a change in the law in 2009, is stored on the Police National Computer for a period of 99 years. However, a caution is not a conviction, so if your application only asks about convictions, you can truthfully say you have none.
numpty Nov 27, 2011
You did not violate any rule neither sentenced to jail. So, Don't worry, simple caution will not affect your student visa for UK. I think, you need proper guidance or consultation which can throw out your fear. I will suggest you, Visa Simple as they are immigration consultancy provide good information regarding various Visa.
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Answered Feb 19, 2016

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