How do I reformat my acer 4620z hard drive wothout losing any data?

My hard drive is formatted into 2 separate memory banks both 70 gigs. My first one is full of programs, music, pictures etc while the second is untouched. How can I, either combine the drives, or transfer my music and iTunes to the secondary drive? Keep In mind I'd like to not lose all my data.
Asked Aug 08, 2011
If you're using Windows, Go to Programs>Accessories and load Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer). If you click the down arrow on the Address bar you should see that you have a C Drive and a D Drive. You can highlight any folders you want on the C Drive, click "Cut" then go to the D Drive and click "Paste" where you want to keep them.

Don't do that with either the Programs or Windows folders. They have to remain on the C Drive
Answered Aug 13, 2011

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