Plz plz help. Computerized accounting.

Please help me out guys.
What procedures do companies take to reduce the chance of fraudulent employee activities?
Also if you became aware of fraudulent accounting activities in the company where you are employed, what you would do about it, if anything, and please state why.
Thanks to all for any sort of help.
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Asked Aug 08, 2011
Edited Aug 08, 2011
For a small business, the owner should handle the money themselves.

For a larger business, split the duties between a number of employees so it would require a conspiracy to steal money from the company. For example, one person makes up a deposit source sheet and another counts the money and makes the deposit. One person creates a list of the bills to be paid and another enters the checks. There should be a clear audit trail. Banks aren't able to hire more honest employees than anybody else, they just have procedures that a dishonest employee can't beat.

I wouldn't want to work in a system that didn't have such procedures because once the money is missing you may become a suspect but if you do, you should report any irregularities. If you are afraid to do that in person, set up a phony Yahoo account and warn the owner that way.

Answered Aug 08, 2011
The risk of employee fraud occurring in an organization is contingent upon a combination of factors:
Motive – usually caused by personal financial pressures
Opportunity – caused by poor internal controls
Rationalization – the mindset of the fraudster that justifies the fraud.
Answered Oct 25, 2012

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